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Why Use Molded Pulp Packaging?

  • Molded Pulp is tough and resilient
  • Molded Pulp products can be reused
  • Molded Pulp Packaging Products protect against shipping damage
  • Molded Pulp products are economical
  • Molded Pulp interior forms are the best value for shipping damage protection
  • Molded Pulp packaging products are easy and ready use
  • Molded Pulp packaging resists repeated shocks
  • Molded Pulp is appreciated by users customers because of easy disposal
  • Molded Pulp packaging products have been tested in the laboratory and in use.
  • Molded Pulp packaging can be designed to reduce inventory of packaging materials
  • Molded Pulp packaging has thousands of satisfied customers
  • Molded Pulp can be contoured to fit many products.
  • Molded Pulp products are environmentally compatible
  • Molded Pulp packaging is used by a number of high tech companies
  • Molded Pulp products can use many types of waste paper materials keeping them from landfills
  • Molded Pulp products consume less space in trucks for shipment
  • Molded Pulp can be thermoformed to produce a high quality appearance
  • Molded Pulp products are produced without the use of toxic materials
  • Molded Pulp Products produce no toxic materials when incinerated
  • Molded Pulp Products are used for point-of-purchase packaging
  • Molded Pulp is cost effective, high performance packaging
  • Molded Pulp products consume less space in land fills by weight
  • Molded Pulp products can be used in automated packaging processes
  • Molded Pulp can be shaped in almost an infinite number of configurations
  • Molded Pulp is a true Green packaging material.
  • Molded Pulp can be molded into complex shapes
  • Molded Pulp packaging products can be printed and embossed
  • Molded Pulp can provide competitively priced environmentally responsible packaging
  • Molded Pulp can provide blocking and bracing as well as cushioning
  • Molded Pulp designed interior packaging products can reduce packing labor costs
  • Molded Pulp is the global solution for environmental packaging material
  • Molded Pulp products are approved for furniture shipment by the National Motor Freight Assoc.
  • Molded Pulp can be used to protect large heavy items as well as small delicate products
  • Molded Pulp disposal costs are minimal
  • Molded Pulp is neutral electrically and produces no static electrical discharges
  • Molded Pulp product manufacturing produces no waste or toxic materials
  • Molded Pulp packaging is not subject to ridged global environmental restrictions
  • Molded Pulp uses renewable raw materials
  • Molded Pulp interior packaging stabilizes and cushions packed products
  • Molded Pulp packaging designs can reduce the number of packaging components
  • Molded Pulp medical product packaging is acceptable for radiation and ETO gas sterilization
  • Molded Pulp provides consistent durable high quality protective packaging
  • Molded Pulp as interior packaging can aid in reducing corrugated box costs

The Four Basic Types of Molded Pulp

Because there are significant differences in molded (or moulded) pulp products, IMPEPA has classified them into four types to develop a simple way of explaining the differences and help potential users to identify which type may fit their application. This basic classification adapts terminology which briefly defines the finished molded product and its manufacturing method as follows:

Molded Pulp Type-1 "Thick-Wall" These products usually have wall thicknesses of 3/16" to 1/2" and are used primarily for support packaging applications. The surfaces are very rough on one side and moderately smooth on the opposite side. Product definition is moderate due to the use of relatively inexpensive single-pass molds and the use of mixed recovered paper and kraft paper slurries. Typical uses are for edge and comer protectors, heavy item packaging, auto replacement parts, pallet trays etc.

Molded Pulp Type-2 "Transfer Molded" Transfer molded products are usually thin walled, 1/16" to 3/16", and are the most prevalent type in use today. The process uses forming and take-off or transfer molds which produces relatively smooth surface on one side and a fairly smooth surface on the opposite side with good accuracy and definition. The slurries are frequently made up of a high percentage or entirely of recycled newspaper. Typical uses are for packaging electronic equipment, cellular phones and other household and hardware items. Very high capacity, high-speed transfer molding equipment is used to produce drink trays, egg cartons, fruit trays etc.

Molded Pulp Type-3 "Thermoformed Fiber" This newest form of molded pulp is the highest quality of thin walled products available today. The process uses "Cure-In-The-Mold" technology which produces strong, well defined smooth surfaced molded pulp products.. After being formed, the product is captured in heated forming molds which presses and densifies the molded products. They are accurately formed and have the appearance of plastic material. The products are ejected from the heated molds in their finished state as opposed to being dried in a heated oven. Typical uses for this type are for point-of- purchase packaging and those applications where high definition and appearance are of prime importance.

Molded Pulp Type-4 "Processed" This type of molded pulp product is that which has undergone some kind of secondary processing which is generally different than or in addition to, the basic production procedure. This could apply to any of the first three types. Secondary processing could be coating, printing, hot-pressing, die-cutting, trimming or manufactured using colors or special slurry additives. Uses are for many kinds of custom applications

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